Not Illegal

It's not illegal

A very common response to questions about Zimmerman's actions is to say that
  • Getting out of a truck is not illegal
  • Walking along a path is not illegal
  • etc.

What do we know he did?

We hear him in the NEN saying "He's running". That was a sudden interruption to his conversation.
We hear him immediately start to move to get out.
He got out to follow.

14 seconds after we hear the door slam, he says "OK" to "We don't need you to do that".
At that stage, 14 seconds from his truck, he's still in Twin Trees Lane.
He would not get up near the T-junstion for another 20 seconds.
At that stage, he has over 3 minutes before the fight will be heard by Laeur.

He has a story about going to Retreat VIew Circle to get an address at which to meet the cops.
The problem with that is that the question of a meeting only comes up at the end of the call.
By his story, he is standing on RVC while an addess is being discussed. If he actually did go to RVC, then he could have given the dispatcher a house number.
Whether he went to RVC or not, he still has 2 minutes between the NEN call ending and the fight starting.

What was he doing for the 3 minutes after he would have reached the T-junction?
What was he doing for the 2 minutes after the NEN ended?
His champions say that it does not matter what he was doing, as it was not illegal to get out of a truck and walk around.

It’s Not Illegal

If the justification for something is “Not illegal”, then you just know that the person is fresh out of reasonable justifications.

Here is a little story.
Three actors:
Dispatcher (D:) , Zimmerman (Z:) , Zimmerman’s Inner Voice (ZIV:)
Dialog in bold is taken from the NEN.

D: "Okay do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?"

ZIV: Absolutely. It’s dark cold and raining. We’ve already been out in the weather for 1.5 minutes. The guy is long gone. They always get away. Warm dry truck here we come!

Z: "Yeah that’s fine".

ZIV: A big ‘Amen’ to that baby!

D: "Alright George, I’ll let them know to meet you when they’re out th ….."

Z: "Actually could you have them, could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at?"

ZIV: Wut? WTF? Truck! TRUCK!

Z: I want to say here

ZIV: Why fergawdsakes?? I’m cold and wet! TRUUCKK! TRUUUUCKK!!!!

Z: No. I want to stay here


Z: It’s not illegal

ZIV: Wut?

Z: It’s not illegal

ZIV: I’m going to have some strong words to say to our therapist. You see if I don’t. I warned you about taking those meds regularly.

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