I had thought this page had been overtaken by the release of the Walk Through video,

My analysis had predicted a truck position that turned out to match that indicated by Frank Taaffe.
The truck position indicated by Taaffe happened to fit nicely as an anchor position for a set of distances worked out without regard to the truck being anywhere in particular in Twin Trees.
It found that the position, with Zimmerman's call being initiated there, and Martin approaching from the clubhouse, lined up almost perfectly with the timing and narrative in the call.

Then the Walk Through had Zimmerman giving a very different picture.
That picture did not match the timing and background noises of the call, but it was the only picture that we had direct from Zimmerman.

But then...
as referenced in the Elephants page, an analysis of CCTV footage from the Clubhouse indicates that Zimmerman did indeed do what Taaffe tells us was Zimmerman's story to him.
Zimmerman drove into Twin Trees, did a u-turn to face the Clubhouse, started his call and watched Martin approach from the direction of the clubhouse.

So this page comes to life again.
It dates back to June, but I'll leave it as it was.


In this page, the distances calculated from analysis of the Call recording are run against maps of the location. This is get a clear picture of where each one was at critical points.

First up is an overall map of the area. The dotted yellow lines indicate possible routes for Martin from the public road as far as the mailbox area beside the Clubhouse.
Zimmerman, driving along Retreat View Circle towards the main gate from his home in the SW could have spotted Martin anywhere from the NW to the clubhouse frontage.

The roads in the development don’t overall have clear sidewalks. Pedestrians would be inclined to use the footpaths.
The road that circles around the perimeter is Retreat View Circle.
The road that cuts trough the centre from the main gate in the North to the back gate in the South East is Twin Trees.
The smaller road cutting through the bottom from near Zimmerman’s home to link with Twin Trees is Long Oak Way.

Martin's route into Twin Trees

A. There is hearsay to suggest that Zimmerman noticed Martin entering the complex via a commonly used informal foot route through an unfenced area in the North West corner. That could have Martin coming along Retreat View Circle and turning right down Twin Trees Lane, with Zimmerman then following in his truck and overtaking to stop beyond him.
B. There is hearsay to suggest that Martin might have left Retreat View Circle and moved to behind the townhouses on the south side.  He could naturally get there if he continued inwards from the unfenced corner ‘entrance’. If Zimmerman noted him in that area, he could have driven into Twin Trees expecting to see Martin appearing from behind ( the South of) the Clubhouse – or continuing to move SE towards the back gate.

Whatever way, Martin arrived in to the Mailbox area beside the Clubhouse in Twin Trees.
In satellite images, there is a path entering the clubhouse complex from the West between the main building and the pool. There is a matching path exiting on the other side and running into the Mailbox area. I do not know if this is an open passage or is gated/doored.
The list of evidence released to the defence includes surveillance video from the Clubhouse. This might indicate that it shows Martin either at the front door or passing along between the pool and the building – if that path was open.
The surveillance video might also show the mailbox area. That sounds like something that might merit security coverage.

Where exactly in Twin Trees was Zimmerman’s truck?

We don’t know for sure. The position does not appear to have be mentioned in available police reports. Everyone seemed fixated on the scene of the shooting. Perhaps the cops involved on the night, knowing that Zimmerman was a resident, didn’t bother to inquire to closely.
The only solid information is , again, the recording.
After Zimmerman has left the truck and apparently stopped moving fast, he tells the dispatcher:
“Um, if they come in through the, uh, (knocking sound) gate, tell them to go straight past the club house, and uh, (knocking sound) straight past the club house and make a left, and then they go past the mailboxes, that's my truck...”
Earlier, after Martin had passed him in the truck, he had attempted (badly) to indicate the same sort of position.
When you come to the clubhouse you come straight in and make a left. Actually you would go past the clubhouse.
Dispatcher: So it's on the lefthand side from the clubhouse?
Zimmerman: No you go in straight through the entrance and then you make a left, uh, you go straight in, don't turn, and make a left. Shit! He's running.
That is horribly confusing. We know with hindsight that he's trying to explain that the truck is somewhere beyond the first bend in Twin Trees (which is a left).
It is confusing, as the Community mailboxes are in a structure at the side of the clubhouse but before the left bend.

We do have some hearsay for a specific  truck position, from Frank Taaffe, who points out a position that he says was indicated to him by Zimmerman. That’s at 1:04 in this video, during which Taaffe indicates the position of Zimmerman's truck at the time of the call.

At 1:04 in that “He’s parked here. The vehicle is in this direction.”
Taaffe is facing West towards the Clubhouse – with the mailbox structure beside the road on this side of the clubhouse partly obscured by a line of small trees (on the right hand side of the picture). Straight ahead is the clubhouse pool area
Daylight view from truck location towards Clubhouse.
 “And he watches Trayvon come down here. Stares at him, out his window."

 "And according to George, he circles around the car here ...”
 Taaffe’s arm movement for the circling indicates Martin comes up to the truck on the roadway, circles back on the grass and then back on the roadway.

To confirm the location, we can see at 1:16 in the video that Taaffe is standing directly opposite the break between the two blocks of town houses that back onto this road.

“and then he heads back off in this direction here.”

 (Indicating East towards where the shooting happened.)

The report has Taaffe stating that both Martin and Zimmerman took that path, although the "according to eyewitnesses" used at this particular point is not accurate as far as I know.


Martin Circling Zimmerman's truck?

Let’s examine this “circling” as it would affect the times, and therefore the distances that we estimated above.

The “circling” is curious. Zimmerman does not mention it at all in his recorded call at the time.
1:17 Zimmerman: Something’s wrong with him. Yup, um, he's coming to check me out,
1:24 He's got something in his hands, I don't know what his deal is.
1:27 Dispatcher: Just let me know if he does anything, ok?
At the word “just” by the Dispatcher, Zimmerman breaks in over him:
Zimmerman: (unclear)  you can get an officer over here?.

This might seem like a good time to say “He’s circling my freaking truck right now!”, as this seems the peak moment of concern for Zimmerman.
Certainly he seems concerned enough by Martin’s close presence that he cut across what the Dispatcher was saying to him.

It appears that Zimmerman has described this circling consistently in his statements to police. We have this from the leaks to the Orlando Sentinel and from prosecutor Gilbreath’s short testimony at the Bond hearing. Zimmerman has apparently also stated that he rolled up his window.
George Zimmerman told investigators that while he was on the phone with a Sanford police dispatcher reporting Trayvon Martin as suspicious, the teenager was circling his vehicle on foot, a source familiar with the investigation told the Orlando Sentinel.

The source said Zimmerman's account of events hasn't changed in his several statements to police — in which he said he was so unnerved by the teen's behavior that he rolled up his window to avoid a confrontation. However, he never mentioned any of that while talking to the dispatcher

Analyse for possibility of circling

Let’s see how this circling might affect the estimated movement times we have so far..
This is something that you should try for yourself in reality. It’s important, trust me. Don’t think about how long the circling might take. Go out with a stopwatch/mobile-app and do it for real.
If Zimmerman was getting edgy as Martin came up to the clubhouse end of the truck, then he would see Martin circle around and come back to that point. Then Martin would have to go a truck-length plus enough more before Zimmerman could consider than a second circle or some offensive action wasn’t intended.

If you walk a circle around it plus a car length at a normal walking pace  - looking at where you are going and not into the vehicle, you probably won’t do less than 15 seconds. That’s by marching the path.
If you circle it while peering inside and perhaps look a bit menacing, you probably find about 20 seconds to be your shortest time.
You might have to add a few seconds to the 20 as if the circling took place where Taaffe indicates, the stretch on one side has to be walked on a gently sloping grass embankment, with two crossings of that precast verge/water-gulley.

Let’s say that Martin might have taken 20 seconds minimum to circle and get clear enough away for Zimmerman to relax – and then work it back.
At 1:36, Zimmerman seems calm, so any circling has definitely stopped and Martin is definitely going away..
Circling would therefore have begun 20 seconds previously at the very latest. How was Zimmerman’s voice doing at 1:16?
He’s just finished describing Martin in more detail. He says “Something’s wrong with him.”
At 1:21 : “Yeah. He’s coming to check me out.”

If the circling happened here, then at 1:21, Martin has already arrived at the truck and was 8 seconds into the circle. He would be half-way around the full-circle part of the trip.
Yet at that stage, Zimmerman is saying “He’s *coming* to check me out.” and does not seem ultra-concerned.

At 1:27, the Dispatcher had said “ Just let me know if he does anything, ok?.
Zimmerman had spoken over this to ask “get an officer over here”. Adding that the suspect was circling his truck at the time would have been an important bit of information to pass on.
At  1:30 the Dispatcher responds with “Yeah we've got someone on the way, just let me know if this guy does anything else.”
Zimmerman responds with "Okay. These (expletive) they always get away." (unless they hang around circling your truck)
This would have been another good time to mention circling, as it could indicate possible danger. It is in a totally different category to that of simply walking by.

Apart from the time necessary for even a single circle put alongside Zimmerman’s words and tone, we don’t seem to hear anything in the background that would indicate that he rolled up the window.
We might not be able to hear the actual window movement, but we might expect to hear an effect on ambient sound at the change from exposure to a rainy night to closed in comfortably. The phone mic would not necessarily pick it up though. That we might not hear this is not significant I think. If the window had been open, Zimmerman would absolutely have closed it judging by the tone of his voice when Martin appears to be at his nearest.
Zimmerman’s momentary panic could be put down to his (mis)perception that some suspect punk with “his hand on his waistband” was walking straight at him.
This would have caught him completely off guard. Punks are meant to run when they see you.

Circling would have a significant effect on the overall distance travelled, by Martin before the “run”.
We had Martin approaching the truck from near the clubhouse over 35 seconds before Zimmerman seems to  have a short moment of panic.
If 20 of those seconds are consumed by circling, that leaves 15 seconds for him to approach, which at a walking pace would be an approach distance of about 66 feet. The truck would have to be 88 feet closer to the Clubhouse for the approach time to work.The closer to the Clubhouse - the further from the path, and the longer the times to get there.
More than one circle would be completely impossible.

On timing alone, however, this “circling” does not work because of what Zimmerman discloses by his words and the tone of his voice over time.
If there was a circling, it didn’t happen during the call.
It could not have happened earlier than the call. It’s not just that Zimmerman didn’t mention any earlier encounter to the Dispatcher. The major reason is that Zimmerman is only able to give a more detailed description as Martin approaches him from the clubhouse. If circling had happened earlier, then he would already have had those details.
If circling happened, it can only have happened after the call.

One of the stories that came is that during the events, Martin walked up to the truck and asked "Why are you following me?". Zimmerman is said to have responded that he was not following, and wound up the window to avoid a confrontation.
The above is apparently part of what Sanford PD told Martin's father a few days afterwards. That certainly did not happen during Zimmerman's call.

The Orlando Sentinel article mentioned above includes: “Gilbreath did not testify that Zimmerman claimed the circling happened while he was on the phone with the dispatcher.”
This does not tell us if Zimmerman described a circling at another time. Gilbrath was not at the hearing to testify. The prosecution was not presenting a case at the bond hearing. Zimmerman’s lawyer, O’Mara, noticed the prosecutors in court and took advantage to call them to the stand and quiz them on selected aspects of the investigation that he knew to be inconclusive. Clever stunt!
Let’s ignore the circling now. It can’t really have happened in this phase. It could only have happened later, if it did happen.

Update 15 June, 2012 - A different take on "Circling"

Over at  Mike McDaniel's Stately Manor, Everlastingphelps came up with a type of behaviour that might have been in play.
 What criminals will often do before they attack is make wide arcs around the target, facing them the entire time, like fighters do. If Martin walked up, and as he got to within a certain distance (maybe 10-15 feet) and then started making an arc around the truck, facing it the entire time, and then walking away backwards (in my hood it was called hard-eyeing someone) then that was absolutelyreason to suspect he was planning an attack. The next step after that, if you don’t leave the turf, is for him to come back, maybe with 3-10 “friends”.

They shuffle sideways and then walk backwards. They normally slow down. The point is to leave no doubt that they are checking you out. There’s either constant eye contact (a provocation) or they keep their face completely hooded. 
If that happened, then listening to the tone of Zimmerman's voice in the recording, there is about 10 seconds in which he sounds increasing concerned - gets to a crisis where he interrupts the Dispatcher and then it's over.
I think it would be possible to pass the truck like that in 10 seconds.
If that is what was meant by "circling" then it would fit in the time.

It would raise questions about whether the term "circling" was used by Zimmerman in his statements, or whether the questioners used the term based on Zimmerman's description.

Certainly, Taffe, in the video above appears to indicate by arm movement that the circling is actually a full circle of the truck. I do not know if this might be an indication of what Zimmerman might mean by circling.

Either way, that raises an issue for the question of recklessness on Zimmerman's part.
If it wasn't just a matter of Zimmerman getting spooked by Martin passing close to the truck, but Martin actually doing something specific, then the sense of threat implied by someone "with his hand on his waistband - something in his hand" means that it would be absolute madness to follow into that dark area after him.


The truck position

Let’s start with Taaffe’s story of where Zimmerman’s truck was, and see how it works against the distances calculated.

On first impression, it’s an extremely strange position.
Logic would tell us that Zimmerman might have turned right from Retreat View Circle into Twin Trees Lane and perhaps stopped on the right hand side near the end of the bend before the houses – or perhaps just beyond the houses.
Why would he turn and park facing the Clubhouse, and if so, why not closer to it?

Additionally, as can been in the photograph above, where Taaffe is indicating Martin coming down to the truck from the Clubhouse, the view of the Mailbox area, and therefore of the side of the Clubhouse, is partly obscured by some small trees. That's in daylight. Lights in the mailbox structure would help though.

There is actually a very good reason for choosing that spot.

Hearsay out of Sanford PD and Zimmerman family indicates Martin was tracked by Zimmerman going into the central footpath and pond area from the North West corner, and heading South East. He may have thought that Martin might have been heading generally towards the back gate.
That location has lines of sight over an extensive stretch of the pathways that would take a punk from NW to SE.
Sitting in the comfort of his truck and looking forward through his windscreen, he can watch, even in rain. To get a clear view South in rain, he can roll down his window.

The position would be consistent with hearsay that Zimmerman had first spotted and slowed to observe Martin up in the NW area.
If he had simply seen Martin walking from Retreat View Circle into Twin Trees, he would most probably have driven down and stopped on the right hand side, perhaps at the first bend or a little beyond.
This would also support indications from the girl that Martin was concious of being followed even before he stopped in the mailbox structure.

This would also help to explain Zimmerman's brief panic. He may have been expecting the suspect to be heading around the backs of houses and down SE. All of a sudden "He's here now", and then ---- the punk is walking right up to him. Completely unexpected behaviour!

How does this truck location work with the movement distances calculated?

We had:
 Remember that these are contiguous events.

On a map ( Image and Ruler measurements taken from Google Earth)

Yellow lines for Martin. Blue lines for Zimmerman.
Note that the lines are not meant to indicate precise path. They indicate the distances calculated above on the basis of the time intervals from the recording and on estimated speeds.
Zimmerman's movements begin 9 seconds after he says "He's running". When Zimmerman says "He's running, Martin is close to the path T-junction.(at the end of the yellow line)

Martin's movements

The estimate of the distance covered in the approach to the truck only serves to illustrate that the truck position is feasible in relation to the Clubhouse. We can’t know precisely at what distance Zimmerman decided that Martin’s movement became “coming”.
From the truck onwards, things become quite predictable, as we have a reliable starting point.

This is the viewpoint that Zimmerman, turned in his seat to look after Martin,  would have had through the rear window.  Perhaps the rear wiper and de-mister are working perfectly. He could be using his rear-view mirrors. It is taken from the video where Taaffe points to the truck position and the camera swings round to show where they went.

It’s dark and overcast.
There is no public lighting to speak of. The only nearby public lighting might be a downlight in that short white post to the right of the path and in line with a tree trunk.
The only other lighting is whatever rear porch lights might be lit in the houses that back on to the path.

East along that path beyond the path T-junction, it meets Retreat View Circle, with the houses on the far side facing us. If they had front lights lit, then Zimmerman would see Martin silhouetted against them. In such darkness, he would be unlikely to be able to judge Martin’s speed directly away from him East along the path. However, the moment Martin turned South, his movement and speed would be obvious as he would be crossing any silhouetting lights.
“He’s running” most likely marks Martin turning South down the central path. He might have started running earlier - if indeed he actually did run at that point. In those lighting conditions, a sudden change in direction from going away to that of left to right across the field of view could be misjudged.

The account of the girl with whom he was speaking around this time has him concerned about the guy in the car. She urges him to run and hears the wind noise and his breathlessness. Then he tells her that he’s lost the guy. It is difficult to rely on the girl's report however. The interview does not indicate a real time line.

There is something vital for this moment that we know from the recording of Zimmerman’s call.
We know that 3 seconds pass between Zimmerman starting to say that he has observed Martin as running – and the sound of the chime indicating the door is open (and the courtesy light comes on).

 What distance would Martin cover in 3 seconds if he were walking?
At the fast walk speed of  5.9 feet per second, 3 seconds would carry him 17.7 feet.
That sort of speed departing the truck location had him right at the T-Junction.
The sight line from the truck becomes blocked by the townhouse at about 16 feet down the path.
Assuming Martin had been looking back at the truck to see if anything was happening there, he would have lost view of the truck before the door opened and the courtesy light came on.
He would no have been aware at the time that Zimmerman was following him.

That's just for the fast walking pace.

What distance would Martin cover in 3 seconds if he were running?
He’s tall. An indifferent sprint speed for him might be 20 feet/second. He would probably cover in excess of 60 feet. The position where the sight-line between Martin and Zimmerman is lost is just 16 feet. If Martin stuck to the path, rather than taking the much shorter route over grass, the marginal start position for a run that would get him beyond the sight line would be around 44 feet short of the T-junction.

Yellow line from the truck position indicates where Martin would disappear from view behind the houses.
Solid red line indicates the limits of a 60 foot run along the path that would get him just beyond that.
Dotted red line is the same for a run over the grass.

Both start positions are well within the estimated distance covered before "He's running." - which could have got him as far as the T-junction, before the running.

That would take him behind the townhouse before the light comes on to indicate Zimmerman is getting out. If Martin has glanced back before the sight line disappears, Zimmerman is still in the truck. He might then tell the girl that he’s lost the guy. This is what she relates in her interview.
If he thinks the guy still in the truck implies “lost him”, it would indicate that to his knowledge, the guy had been sitting in the truck any time that he had noticed him previously.

The girl refers to Martin telling her that he was tired and not going to run because he was tired. It's not clear if this is due to an amount of running or the condition that he was in.
Some have pointed out that he looks somewhat stoned in the CCTV video from the 7-11. There was indication of pot-smoking in the Autopsy.
Many of the debates raging have assumed that any chase would involve a tall athletic teen and an older lumpy sort of guy. It might not be that simple. It also seems unlikely that any chasing would simply be a sprint over a straight course. We simply don't know what happened.

It's worth noting that by the time that Zimmerman gets out of his truck, he has lost sight of Martin.
He has seen Martin apparently starting to run down the central path. He assumes that Martin is a punk headed for the back gate to get away.

Zimmerman's Movements

Zimmerman sets out for where he saw Martin run down the central path.
According to the calculated distances covered, he was just leaving the roadway and starting down the path that leads to the T-junction when he responds  “OK” to “We don’t need you to do that" (follow him)

The position where the calculation puts him when he appears to slow down and stop is actually the most natural place of all to do so.
He has just come to a spot where he can try to look South down the central pathway area. It’s a natural place to take stock.

Coincidentally, this is the moment when the Dispatcher starts to ask for more details.
Zimmerman might be aware that his attempt to describe his position while he was preoccupied with watching Martin did not go well. The frustration in his voice as he corrected himself was most clear.
Quite apart from this being a natural place to pause, he needs to give his full attention to the Dispatcher.

Dispatcher: Alright sir what is your name?
Zimmerman: George…He ran.
Dispatcher: Alright George what's your last name?
(A clicking or knocking sound can be heard here. A series of slapping sounds can be heard at intervals throughout the rest of the call. The suggestion is that his flashlight battery is low, and it’s either dead or flickering. He’s at the top of the walk area. It’s very dark. He wants to see down there.)
Zimmerman: Zimmerman
Dispatcher: And George what's the phone number you're calling from?
Clicking or knocking sound is heard again
Zimmerman: [xxxxxx]
Dispatcher: Alright George we do have them on the way. Do you want to meet with the officer when they get out there?

Zimmerman sounds preoccupied. A knocking/slapping sound occurs several times up to the end of the call.

At this stage, the Dispatcher has already heard  Zimmerman make one attempt to describe where his truck is. That first attempt ( at 1:45 in the recording) was a disaster.
1:45  Zimmerman: Yep. When you come to the clubhouse you come straight in and make a left. Actually you would go past the clubhouse.
Dispatcher: So it's on the left hand side from the clubhouse?
Zimmerman: No you go in straight through the entrance and then you make a left, uh, you go straight in, don't turn, and make a left. Sh**! He's running
Now Zimmerman tries to describe his location of his truck again.
2:58 Dispatcher: Alright, where you going to meet with them at?
Zimmerman: Um, if they come in through the, uh, (knocking sound) gate, tell them to go straight past the club house, and uh, (knocking sound) straight past the club house and make a left, and then they go past the mailboxes, you’ll see my truck...[unintelligible]

Both attempts to describe the truck position share some strange features
He describes the mailboxes as being beyond the bend - twice.This might be explained by Zimmerman associating the directions to the mailboxes with a turn (of his normal stamping ground of Retreat View Circle). It might indicate an issue with his ability to conceive of the layout of physical areas.
“Straight past the clubhouse” is a little ambiguous, particularly after the mistaken left turn at the gate in the first attempt.
Perhaps his truck is the only vehicle on the road, but he doesn’t say so. He doesn’t indicate a distance along the road or the particular type of vehicle - other than "truck".

There is one very remarkable feature in both attempts.
He’s had two chances to say "Twin Trees”, but he doesn’t. That would have removed all ambiguity about lefts at gates and what “past the clubhouse” means. The clubhouse frontage is on the road facing the gate. “Past the clubhouse” might be a right turn after the gate.

The Event Log related to this call will show no attempt on the part of the dispatcher to record either of Zimmerman’s attempts at directions.
It has no entry against "Caller Location".
It has an entry against "Nearest Intersection" as LONG OAK WAY & TWIN TREES LN
This information about an intersection has not come directly out of the conversation.
This implies that the Dispatcher has a map and has worked out from Zimmerman's directions that he must be in somewhere in Twin Trees. Perhaps the talk of the back gate had him thinking that Zimmerman was much further South along Twin Trees.

So the Dispatcher goes for a solid address.

Dispatcher: What address are you parked in front of?
Zimmerman: I don't know, it's a cut through so I don't know the address.
Much has been made of this response. Most people appear to assume that "cut through" is referring to the pathway area, and that this prompted Zimmerman to go looking for a house number.

The question is clear, and the answer required should be clear.
“What address are you parked in front of?” He is still looking for directions to Zimmerman’s truck.  There is an unspoken assumption on his part that Zimmerman is no longer following , since he responded with "OK", and would therefore be heading for, or at, his truck.

Zimmerman is standing about 180 feet from his truck. He can see it from where he is standing. It would take him about 42 seconds to walk to it at a normal walking pace.
If he's at the T-Junction, then he is just at the rear of the first house on Twin Trees that backs onto where he is standing. If he walks back along the path, he can check the number of that house.Sticking to the pathway (the longest route) that's a distance of   about 150 from the T-junction. He can walk to the door in 30 seconds.
With that address, the incoming patrol will be with him and his truck.

Alternatively, if he wanted to be literal about the question, he could go back to the truck, which is about a maximum of 200 feet / 45-second-walk.
He would then have a choice. The truck is not directly outside a house front, but if  he walked another 40 feet beyond it (10 seconds), he would have a choice of two numbers on Twin Trees.
All possible ambiguity would be removed. The patrol car would get straight to him.

I know this might sound strange, but is it possible that Zimmerman did not know the name of the road?
Look at the map. The development has most of its houses on Retreat View Circle – a road that circles the perimeter of the development - and on which Zimmerman's house is located. Twin Trees is a minor road that cuts through (yes - "It's a cut through") the middle of the development.
It's understandable that he might not be familiar with the numbering of the houses in the two cut-through roads, but not knowing the names after years of living there and latterly being in a Neighbourhood Watch operation does seem a bit odd. It's just remarkable that his directions are based on attempts to describe a route, and never mention "Twin Trees".
Sanford PD released copies of all Event Reports initiated by Zimmerman. Some of these have 'Caller Location' on the public roads outside the gates. All reports inside the gates are for Retreat View Circle only. This is the road that circles the perimeter of the community. He's never reported from either Twin Trees or Long Oak way - the minor internal roads that cut through the middle.

The dispatcher may be struggling to retain professional cool. This caller's first words to him referred to "our area", but the guy can't give him an address.
It's just a suspicious person report. Why not just tell Zimmerman to go home and have the patrol car meet him there. He’s bound to know his own address.

Dispatcher: Okay do you live in the area?
Zimmerman: Yeah, I...[unintelligible]
Dispatcher: What's your apartment number?
Zimmerman: It's a home it's [house number removed], (knocking sound) Oh crap I don't want to give it all out, I don't know where this kid is.

This last response is informative.
As will be shown in the next section, this central pathway area is very dark. In addition, a series of back porch separators offer good cover for anyone who wants to hide.
Zimmerman isn’t assuming that Martin has continued to run. He is aware that he might be close by. The kid might be within earshot, and therefore become aware of where Zimmerman lived – posing the possibility of thuggish action being taken against his home in the future.

The dispatcher goes for a last hope.
Dispatcher: Okay do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?
Zimmerman: Yeah that's fine.
Dispatcher: Alright George, I'll let them know to meet you around there, okay?
Great. No need to get a house number or street.
Then there's a change
Zimmerman: Actually could you have them, could you have them call me and I'll tell them where I'm at?
Dispatcher: Okay, yeah that's no problem.
Zimmerman: Should I give you my number or you got it?
Dispatcher: Yeah I got it [phone number removed]
Zimmerman: Yeah you got it.
Dispatcher: Okay no problem, I'll let them know to call you when they're in the area.
Zimmerman: Thanks.
Dispatcher: You're welcome.
Happy dispatcher can dump the problem of getting an address out of Zimmerman into the lap of whoever  rings him from the patrol car.

-- Call Ends --


  1. was the kid close enough to where he lived to get home?

  2. Yes he was, but it seems that once he got off the street and away from the guy in the truck, he stopped to concentrate on the conversation with the girl.
    Onve Zimmerman appeared on foot, the only sensible course of action was to stay very still in the dark.

    Was Zimmerman close enough to get back to his truck after he clearly realised the 'the suspect' could be right beside him in the dark?
    Yes. From that moment, he had nearly 3 minutes in which he could have returned to safety.

    From one of my postings elsewhere....

    But maybe Zimmerman did not have the common sense to realise the potential danger of what he is walking into.
    He soon does realise this.
    A few seconds later, we hear him in the NEN confirming that he has become aware that the ‘suspicious person who might be on drugs or something and had just circled his truck with confrontational body language, hand in his waistband and something in his hand’ could actually be so close to him in the dark as to overhear his conversation.
    The dispatcher asks for Zimmerman’s home address, as Zimmerman was unable to supply any other address than the clubhouse. Zimmerman speaks out his address and then immediately says “Oh crap. I don’t want to give it all out, I don’t know where this kid is.”
    He voices that realisation of potentially being in very real danger of attack just 1 minute 11 seconds after Martin’s 4 minutes began.
    Zimmerman has nearly 3 minutes after which he clearly says in the NEN that he is aware that the ‘suspicious person who might be on drugs or something and had just circled his truck with confrontational body language, hand in his waistband and something in his hand’ could be right beside him.
    When he was safe in his truck, he wound up the window on Martin’s approach. Presumably his doors were locked.
    Now he’s out in the open in the dark. Apparently he’s not a fighter. He has no idea that he is carrying a gun. He has completely forgotten about it. He won’t even remember about the gun until he is reminded about it by Martin’s hand heading South.
    What would any *reasonable and prudent* person do under such circumstances? They would immediately head for safety.
    What did Zimmerman do?
    He started his 3 minutes of clearly being aware of a danger.
    What happened in Martin’s 4 minutes and Zimmerman’s 3 minutes? (Actually, Zimmerman actually had the same 4 minutes that Martin had.)
    Note: On Hannity, Zimmerman’s minutes are reduced to “Less than 30 seconds” – which seconds apparently begin on “We don’t need you to do that.” Why… he so fixated on denying the following and the length of time that he spent inside that dark area?

  3. I think when Zimmerman is running, he is running at least 20'/sec. And he ran to the east end of the cut through to Retreat View Circle. He then proceeded south to the rear gate. The click click sound (with a slight squeal) is the rear gate opening and closing. Zimmerman then went to the south end of the dog walk and started back towards his truck whle Martin (who turned left at the end of the cut through and ran north on Retreat View Circle, returned from circling back to the main gate entrance and Zimmerman's truck and began walking south on the dog walk). Martin was maybe half or more down the dog walk when he spotted Zimmerman between him and Martin's house. Martin turned around and walked north on the dog walk with Zimmerman running after him. Zimmerman caught up to Martin and the altercation started. According to prsecutor's voice expert, Zimmerman's voice was ruled out as doing the screaming.

  4. :)
    20 feet per second is about 14 miles per hour.

    We do hear 'wind' noises. We hear his breathing a bit heavy.
    That only continues for 22 seconds or so.
    If it is the sound of him at speed, then it's a jog at the very fastest ( about 9 feet per second max.)
    It sounds more like a fast walk ( about 6 feet per second )

    We do not actually know what path each one took. There is absolutely no evidence to show where they were before Laeur heard noises outside her condo.
    We only have Zimmerman's word for Martin going up teh path and turning down the dog-walk. We only have his word that he followed/went_in_the_same_direction up that path - and that he went to RVC.

    Zimmerman knew the layout. He could have equally gone South along the N/S stretch of Twin Trees and cut into the dog-walk between the blocks of condos.

    For Martin to go up that path would be reasonable. It would get him off the street and away from the following truck.
    I think that Zimmerman also went up the path.
    The duration of 'wind'/fast_walking would correspond with him getting from the truck to just past the back corner of Lauer's condo.

    After that, he could have gone anywhere. He would have arrived in there only 35 seconds after Martin. He had 3.5 minutes then - during which nobody knows where he was.
    It's pure guesswork as to where either of them were. We only know where they ended up.