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Two Construction Workers inside Zimmerman's head

Someone suggested to me that if Zimmerman's following of 'a suspect' was reckless and culpable, then a following by two local construction workers of someone they recognized as someone they had noticed breaking into a house would be equally reckless and culpable.

The real(?) argument that they were advancing was that if any type of "following" could be seen as safe and non-provocative then it necessarily followed that no type of "following" could be unsafe or provocative.
To any sane person, this argument would be absolute and utter nonsense.
Not all people are sane however. This would include the judge in the case who removed the "Original Aggressor" jury instruction from the instructions that were given to the jury. This meant that the jury were not allowed to take into consideration anything that had happened before the fight started.

My understanding of the contruction worker event is that is that it happened in broad daylight and that they were able to maintain sight of the person at all times and from a safe distance. I'm not sure if the person was even aware of their following of him.

However, the challenge gave me an idea.
What if there were two construction workers in Zimmerman's truck on that night? One being Zimmerman and the other being someone who didn't want to question his colleague's actions at first but who eventually felt compelled by basic reasonableness and prudence to speak out?
Bear in mind that the part of Construction Worker #1 (CW1) is based entirely on what Zimmerman says was his reasoning for his actions on the night. CW2 takes some of his input (no circling, suspect not running and not in fear ) from what Zimmerman said on the Hannity Show.

Two construction workers:

It was a dark and cold night, and the rain was coming down in buckets.

Two workers were driving in a truck and spotted someone that they thought looked like a person they saw breaking into a house earlier.
They stopped to look at him looking at them.

They then drove on about 100 feet around a corner and then a further 280 feet before they stopped to call in a Non Emergency.
This was a little strange, as the person they were reporting was no longer in sight - what with it being a dark night and him not alone being nearly 400 feet away but also around a corner. For all they knew, the burglar could have been burglarizing all of the houses in the area while they were parked out of sight nearly 400 feet away and around a corner on a dark night.

Luckily, this issue was resolved because the guy appeared and walked past their truck. It would have taken the guy about 1.5 minutes to cover that distance at a normal walking pace. It would clearly have taken longer had he been stopping to look at all the houses. Why they drove away and lost sight of him, and then must have waited between one minute and two minutes before calling non-emergency was never questioned or explained.
It's rather a pity in hindsight that the guy didn't have a girlfriend who might have recorded all of their phonecalls - and that he didn't give her a step-by-step second-by-second timestamped account of everything he did.

The construction workers had only just started talking to the dispatcher when they saw the guy walking past them and staring at them. For some reason, they didn't mention to the dispatcher that the guy had passed them at that time.

They saw the guy walk down into a street so they followed him in their truck.
When they got into the street, they saw the guy walking way up at the other end of it. "Holy cr*p" they said to each other - "How the hell did he get so far in that time. He must have run. He was walking when we lost sight of him."

Anyway, the guy then disappeared but then came back towards them - to check them out apparently. He had his hand in his waistband and something in his hand. Then he circled them - according to CW1 in his later accounts. According to commenters in the Conservative Treehouse (CTH), the circling probably involved a sort of skipping, shuffling, taunting performance.
Although the dispatcher had just that moment asked them to let him know if the guy did anything,  this extremely alarming and threatening event was never mentioned to him.

They watched as the guy walked away from them again along the same path by which he approached them. He disappeared again. They knew the area and so knew that he had turned South at a pathway T-junction that led down towards the back entrance where "they always get away - by running betwen the houses". CW1 told the dispatcher that the guy had run down towards the back entrance. CW2 thought that the guy had not run, but had sort of skipped and definitely not run - and definitely not in fear, but didn't correct CW1's statement.

CW1 got out of the truck.
CW2: WTF,WTF,WTF are you doing?
CW1: I need to get an address
CW2: What for?
CW1: To tell the dispatcher where we are. I suck at giving directions, so I need a house number for where we are.
CW2: We've already told him the Clubhouse. I can see the freaking Clubhouse from where we're sitting.
CW1: I want to give him a better address for where we are. I don't know the name of this street, so a house number here is no use. I can get a house number over there on that street that I know the name of.  (pointing).
CW2: WTF???
(1) That's freaking 260 feet away, just the same as the distance to the Clubhouse, and
(2) You might not have freaking noticed, but that's the same direction as the corner around which a guy who has just circled our truck with his hand in his waistband and something in his hand has just gone out of sight - and not running and not in fear as I saw it.
We can't see the guy anymore. For all we know, the guy is waiting for us just around that corner with his hand in his waistband. I know you think he was running, but what I saw was that he only just sort of skipped - and not in fear.
(3) Furthermore , it's a dark cold night and the rain is coming down in buckets. What about we sit here in the warm dry truck and play music CDs. The cops can intercept the guy at the back entrance and we can meet them later somewhere for a chat.
CW1: Yeah, but if we go that way, we could maybe see where he went - as well as getting an address for where we are.
CW2: WTF?? We know where he went. He went down towards the back entrance. That's assuming he's not waiting for us around that corner. You got two options. (a) He's fast nearing the back entrance or (b) He's waiting in the dark around the corner with his hand in his waistband. He just freaking circled us in what commenters on CTH say was a sort of skipping, shuffling taunting manner. You yourself noted to me that at the very least, his body language was confrontational – although I must have missed that whole circling bit.
Quite apart from all of that, we’re not over ‘there’. We’re ‘here’ - just along the street from the Clubhouse and the mailboxes.
“Here” is a nice warm dry truck with a great selection of music CDs.
“There” is an exposed place on a dark cold night with the rain coming down in buckets.
That’s assuming that you can even get there without bumping into a guy in the dark with his hand in his waistband and who has just freaking circled our freaking truck with - at the very mildest description of it – ‘confrontational body language’.
By the way, why didn’t you mention that very threatening circling to the dispatcher. I heard him asking you to tell him if the guy did anything. He had to ask you a second time. You said nothing.
CW1: Pffffft. That circling with at its mildest description confrontational body language was no big deal. A thing of nothing. The hand in the waistband was very serious sh*t though. I made sure to tell the dispatcher about that.
CW2: Those pills you keep taking – where did you get them?
And by the way, are we really sure that the guy actually is the burglar. He walked right up to us. Don’t they always run away between the houses? Do you think that he was trying to ask us why we were following him? Why didn’t you talk to him? You just rolled up the window. If he’s just some guy and not the burglar, he’s going to think we’re a pair of freaks.
CW1: I don’t know. I was to busy freaking to notice if his lips were moving. And anyway I wanted to avoid a confrontation.
CW2: I’m starting to get really worried about those pills. You sure the dosage is OK. They are legit yes?
CW1: Well I'm going over there anyway.
CW2: I’m not going. It’s insane – for all the reasons I’ve given you. Y’know what’s going to happen if I go over there in these circumstances? That freakoid lady B37 in my Homeowner’s Association is going to find out, and when she does she’s going to go apesh*t! She’s going to get me thrown out of NW. She’s going to scream “No freaking way is that psychotic dangerous fool going be on NW in my neighborhood! Did you hear what he did the other night?” – That’s what’s going to happen.
CW2: How about we simply drive down to the back entrance?  We'd be there before him. That way we can sit in safety, warm and dry and see him coming down.
Plus if we go down there, We'll see the street sign and we can tell what street we are actually on.
CW1: No. I want to get an address over there.

Anyhoo, it seems that CW1 headed off into the dark.
What actually happened in there was a mystery.
A walk over to get a house number and come back with an address ( an address for where the truck was not)  was a round trip distance of 500 feet. That should have taken him 2 minutes max exposed to in the dark cold and rain allowing for some short delay to look southwards.
4.5 minutes after he left the truck a 911 call came in.
CW1 had some cuts and a bloody nose. The guy the CWs had been following had been shot with a gun that CW1 had no idea that he carried all the time.

CW1 explained what happened afterwards. Although he clearly did not remember much about any part that could be verified, he had photographic memory of other parts – which included some bad movie dialog. It turned out that his stories could not be reconciled to the actual timeline, but nobody checked properly at the time. But he did say “Sir” a lot – and that’s always a good sign.

Some woman who saw a lot of the detail later – I think her name was Julie Beethreeseven or something – said that she was sure that there were some fabrications and enhancements in CW1's stories and that he should not have got out of the truck. She said that CW1 was frustrated and wanted to catch those people so much. She says he didn't use his sense and he didn't know when to stop.
And someone died as a result.
Wow! Lucky for CW1 that she was not on the jury. With jurors thinking like that, no way would a just system let him walk free as if he bore no blame whatsoever.

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