Monday, 25 June 2012

This blog is really Zimmerman's Call II

The original Zimmerman's Call analysis was created in early June, before the defence released Zimmerman's statement & videos of  walk-through, interviews  and other material.
Back then, all we had was some leaks and whatever Zimmerman's family and friends might have said. The analysis was aimed at trying to work out where Zimmerman and Martin actually were at various stages of the call,

The new structure analyses the call in the light of Zimmerman's walk-through and interviews.
It then moves on to some speculation about what might have happened after the call ended.
Some previous visitors to these pages may be relieved to learn that tables of estimates of speed and distance have now been consigned to the bin. The new material has removed a great deal of speculation by all and sundry.

The major clarifications are
  1. Zimmerman says in the Walk-Through that the call started at the front of the Clubhouse - and that Martin walked past his parked truck there (although he did not mention that particular passing in the NEN call).Up to release of the Walk-through, people assumed that the call began with the truck parked in Twin Trees. This is also what Frank Taaffe claimed Zimmerman had told him.
    Starting in Twin Trees was also indicated by calculating distances covered from timestamps of narritive in the NEN.
    Zimmerman now says it stated at the front of the Clubhouse. Major questions arise in trying to fit that story to the timmed narrative in the NEN call.
  2. Zimmerman says in the Walk-Through that he ended the NEN call ater he reached Retreat View Circle. This raises a major question for his account v the timestamps of NEN and 911 calls. He says that he stated walking back to the truck on ending the NEN call.
    It would only take 20 seconds (30 max) for him to walk to the 'attack' point. His problem is that the first 911 connects 2 minutes 30 seconds after the NEN call ended.
    The discrpancy is on the scale of minutes, and not mere seconds. He has a major problem there.

His problems with the timeline were futher accentuated during his interview on the Hannity show.
See my page on that.


There were no eyewitnesses to the events that led to the confrontation. Those few who saw parts of the struggle that ensued were seeing something in a very dark place. There were no eyewitnesses to the shot. Most of the local witnesses only heard sounds and saw nothing until the struggle was over.
The one eyewitness who actually saw and described a short part of a fight has changed his inital statement quite significantly. It was originally described as straddling and a rain of "MMA-style" punches. Now it's just two people both prone, wrestling on the ground. Too dark to see their hands or mouths and no idea which of them was shouting. A boy taking his dog out thought that he was seeing one person lying on the ground.
Nobody saw any straddling - apart from Zimmerman straddling Martin after the shot.
Nobody saw any punching.
Zimmerman's injuries are not consistent with a beating that had to last over a minute at minimum.

Martin is dead - and tells no tales.
Zimmerman is alive - and tells his story afterwards.The story he tells might be self-serving.

However, there is an independent witness to the events that led up to the confrontation.

What this witness tells us is extremely reliable. He is an expert. His evidence is pretty much unassailable by anyone who doesn't like the sound of it.

This is the One True Witness.
It is Zimmerman himself - in the recording of the non-Emergency call that he made to Sanford PD.

The One True Witness narrates a story that is accurate. Events are described and timed to the second. There is no reliance on  memory. There are some omissions, but the events that are described can be taken as happening at the time they are described. All the background noises happened at the time that they are recorded as happening.

This is the only testimony that anyone will ever hear from Zimmerman that is not coloured after the event by faulty memory or any need to justify his actions - to himself as well as to others.  

This is Zimmerman's major problem. He is absolutely stuck with:
  1. What he said in his non-emergency call
  2. The automatically-logged time of that call connecting
  3. The automatically-logged time of the ensuing 911 calls.
The call-logging shows a gap of 2 minutes 30 seconds after Zimmerman's call ends.
Zimmerman has no explanation for this missing time - apart from walking for "less than30 seconds".

The other thing that he is stuck with is that at the very end of the call, he broke in over the dispatcher to change an arrangement to meet at his truck. He asked that the incoming patrol car ring him to find out where he is.
Any reasonable person would infer that he suddenly decided to go wandering.
Any reasonable person would infer that he wandered for over 2 minutes, before encountering Martin and an altercation breaking out.

Martin's body ended up about 40 feet South of where Zimmerman says he was accosted.
Martin's phone ended up about 47 feet South.

 Yes, the title of this blog does reflect that Zimmerman made more than just one type of call that night.